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The FIRST LIGHT HEALER'S SHAMANIC COLLECTION is a specialist range of twenty six native New Zealand teacher plant essences.
Made from specially selected native New Zealand teacher plants of a particular potency and high order.
Flower essence practitioners, those in the healing and helping professions, shamanic healers, energy workers, counsellors, massage therapists, naturopaths, doctors, homeopaths, nurses, hospice workers, care givers and all those who are personally walking the healing path or working with those in need of assistance - this range is especially for you.
A personal offering from spirit that addresses the metaphysical spiritual challenges of the times facing the healer and all those individuals walking the healing path.
A very special family of ancient powerful teacher plants that are a pure expression of ancient indegenous plant medicine for the requirements of the 21st century.
Keywords for the THE SHAMANIC HEALER'S COLLECTION No's 85-110
Black Mamaku
Step into the archetypal role of the healer. Move into timeless healing space and invoke the healer's powers. Accepting the mantle of healing power. Opening up to the healing journey.
Ancient Kauri
Maintain a heart centred healing focus. Strengthen the spirit through connection with the heart. See with the all-seeing eye of the heart. Tap into the healing knowledge of the ancestors of our land.
Maire Tawake
Neutrality and non-attachment. Not being overwhelmed, drawn in or made to feel responsible for our clients needs or processes. Coming from a place of empathy rather than sympathy.
Caring for your healer self. Optimum functioning. Personally applying the principles of wholistic healing and living. Being alert to our own needs. Staying open to expansion. Always learning and continuing to grow.
Black Shield Fern
Double protection. For maximum energetic protection. Prevents others reading or tapping into your energy. Use to recharge after serious energy depletion. Use to close off energetically and take time out. Use when you don't wish to be energetically available to others. For painfully high levels of sensitivity to sound, light, energy etc. Exposure to unusually high levels of negativity, computers and electromagnetic fields.
Smooth Shield Fern
The standard healer’s protection essence. For those in the shamanic, counselling, healing, caring or health profession. Prevents negative energy from affecting us. Allows us to stay open and empathetic while maintaining personal objectivity and energetic autonomy.
Triangular Fern
Activating the triangle of healing power. Unifies all three aspects of the psyche for a healing outcome. Calling on the highest spiritual forces for assistance or information. Facilitates the sacred relationship and energetic connection between the healer, the client and spirit.
Lace Fern
Recalibration of our aura and chakra energetic patterning. Use after light body or energy work to recalibrate the changes. Taking the healing to a new level. Honouring one's unique healing journey.
Enhances sensitivity of the hands. Helps to detect pain, blockages, intrusions in the energy field or body. Particularly useful for massage, auric or hands on healers. Heightens sensing and clairsentient abilities.
Five Finger
Activating and enhancing the subtle senses for healing and journey work. Naturally stimulates the equal development and use of clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairknowing and clairgustus - psychic smell/taste.
Toothed Lancewood
Extractions. For the removal of intrusions in the body including psychic barbs and invasive energy. Helps remove psychic barbs and darts. To remove negative emotional, thought or psychic projections of others from the energy field or environment.
Sword Fern
The spiritual warrior upholding our right to have a direct link to spirit without interference. Standing in your power place. Severing old invalid karmic connections, agreements, contracts, vows promises. Severing cords, inlines, ties, psychic attachments negatively affecting the energy field. Locating the blockage or core cause of illness or dis-ease.
Accessing the spirit world. Walking between the worlds. Heightens the powers of shamanic vision. Bridges the gap between ordinary and non-ordinary reality. Connects us to a lineage of master shamans from the past who assist us in our personal healing. Connecting with our guide or link to the spirit worlds for shamanic journeying.
Native Daphne
Reading the signs correctly in the spirit world. Being guided daily by the signs in life. Interpreting the signs in nature. Recognising a true message and knowing what it means. Seeing and communicating with the spirit in everything. Recognising omens and knowing what they mean.
Pale Flowered Kumerahou.
Linking in with the spiritual forces of the land/place. Making an offering.’ Payment for accessing magical pathways. Earth magic and nature power. Linking to the fairy folk - the patupairarehe. Working with the spirit of the land or place. Ascertaining the required spiritual protocols for working with the spirit of the land.
The shaman’s drum. Arousing the inner fire. Entering the shamanic state at will. Moving into an altered state of consciousness. Activation and development of the light bodies. Raising the vibration. Preparing to journey. The excitation of light within the being. Consciousness raising tempo. Accessing the web of oneness.
For soul retrieval work. To access the lower world or underworld – the place of the past. Bringing the power from the past into the present. For wisdom, information and healing connected to past lives or events. Power animal/totem retrieval.
Tree Daisy
To access the Middle World - the magical version of our conscious or everyday reality. Anchoring the power from the past into the present. To solve everyday problems pertinent to our waking life. To gain information that is relevant to this life, especially information that involves reanimated problems or past life relationships.
Native Angelica
To access the Upper World – the place of the future and our spirit guides. Sending the power from the present into the future. To obtain guidance for the future. Connects us to the lineage of archangels and guardians of our galaxy. Anchors us safely into the time after the great change that occurs after 2012 as we evolve into homo spiritualis.
Red Matipo
Soul retrieval. Calling or singing the soul back home after soul loss. Causing the spirit to re-enter the being. Welcoming the returned spirit home. Bringing the scattered, fragmented, lost or traumatised parts of the self back home.
Integrating the experience. Identifying and addressing the needs of the new found part of us. Integration and synthesis. The absorbtion into the existing matrix of a new awareness and reality. Helps in the process of finding all of the missing parts and uniting them back together as one healed whole.
The Eighth Chakra. Accessing the soul scripts. The akashic records. Traveling through the river of time. The channel. To assist in the healing of the trauma that occurred when parts of the soul fragmented, left or split off. Breathing the soul back in to the body. Seals or anchors the energy into all dimensions.
Tree Nettle – Ongaonga
The shaman’s guardian. The Rainbow Bridge that allows the traveller to return home safely. A pathway home for the fragmented parts of the soul. Sending healing or energy out across the Rainbow Bridge. Support, protection and care for body and spirit while we travel to other realms.
Suffusing the body with cleansing healing energies when there has been an intrusion of negative energy. To cleanse, close and heal psychic soul wounds. Spiritual, psychic disinfectant, antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral.
Marsh Ribbonwood – Makaka
The spiritual warrior. Being in divine ego. Discipline. True obedience to the oneness. The healed feminine and masculine energies in perfect alignment. Facilitates the expelling of difficult entities, interdimensional or extraterrestial interference. A potent spiritual antidote for all negative or intrusive energies. To remove internally/externally created entities. Removal of curses.
Facilitates the expelling of elemental entities associated with alcohol, drug addictions and medication.


The FIRST LIGHT LIFE ENHANCEMENT SET contains twenty-two individual essences for life and living.
They are your 21st century life copeability or survival kit.
These twenty-two native plant essences are life enhancers designed to help you enhance life's experiences.
They address the twenty-two archetypal life experiences and soul lessons
Use to help you met life confidently and consciously.
Use to evoke and embody the desired positive quality that you wish to embody in any given situation.
Use to enhance your performance in any area of your life.
Keywords for LIFE ENHANCEMENT SET No's 63-84
The Manifestation Essence
Knowing you have all the skills needed at your disposal for your success. Allowing limitless energy to flow to you so you can achieve your desires. Being all you can be. Emanate and express personal charisma. Uplift and inspire others.
The Wisdom Essence
For spiritual equilibrium, grace, tranquillity, peace, poise. Quietness and calm. Accessing intuitive wisdom and understanding. Maintaining one's energetic integrity.
Tree Fuchsia
The Forever Feminine Essence
Cooperation. For emotional serenity, feelings of contentment. Heightens the yin energy flow so one emanates a soft nurturing energy. Universal abundance.
The Personal Autonomy Essence
Dominion. Experience one's power and authority. Heighten objectivity, logic and rational thought. Energises the yang energy flow, helps one feel positive and in control.
Red Rata
The Guidance Essence
Feel open to the constant flow of blessings in your life. Awaken to and learn to recognise the voice of your personal helper or Guardian Angel in everyday life.
The Discrimination Essence
Recognising what has true value and worth. Feeling clear, energised and comfortable with one's relationship and life choices. Heightens the sense of inner unity.
Bracken Fern
The Self-control Essence
Focus. Mustering your forces. Call upon your will-power and determination. For overcoming obstacles through directed and focused power. Purposeful activity.
Hen and Chicken's Fern
The Courage Essence
Passion and pleasure for life. Feel radiant, alive, invigorated and connected with life. Emotional strength, mastery, courage of heart. Asserting oneself and defining boundaries.
Coastal Convolvulus
The Reflection Essence
Contemplation. Self-reliance. Seeing the overview, keeping your own counsel. An aura of silence and inner stillness enables you to observe life's currents.
Shining Spleenwort
The Synchronicity Essence
Helps one attune to natural cycle, rhythms and timing. Going with the flow. Being in tune with yourself and with life. Knowing when to act/wait.
Coastal Lobelia
The Equanimity Essence
Smoothness and balance. Impartiality. Helps one arrive at the truth in order to make a fair decision. Embodying honour, truth and justice. Knowing when to be firm and say no. Helps one understand, comply or adhere to a decision.
Golden Corokia
The Surrender Essence
Letting go of something of lesser value for something of a perceived greater value. Making personal sacrifices, selflessness, dedication, surrender, devotion to a cause. Meeting life and life's situations with good grace.
The Transition Essence
Feeling able to let go of the outgrown and outworn. Eliminating and shedding the old. Death and all endings. Times of pain, transition, personal transformation, release.
Native Hawthorn
The Moderation Essence
Feel able to handle all the divergent components in life. Evoking the principle of ease, poise and quiet restraint. Chilling out, feeling mellow, the soother of pain. Tapping into previously untapped inner resources.
The White Light Protection Essence
Feel full of light and positivity. Clears space from negative energy. Feel uplifted, protected, liberated and free from negative disempowering situations.
The Emergency Essence
For times of shock, upset, unexpected happenings or change. When what you created or believed in comes tumbling down and your personal world is in upheaval.
Fragrant Fern
The Inspiration Essence
Use when seeking to access spiritual energies of hope, healing, help and guidance. Helps one to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Raglan Roseberry
The Inner Clarity Essence
When feelings and emotions run high. Instead of confusion experience a sense of greater awareness. Breaking free of habits, hereditary issues and mass mind.
The Joy Essence
Feel a sense of well-being and happiness. Enjoy life, feel proud of your individuality and certain success. Life feels good as you see the ever-expanding possibilities.
Golden Tainui
The Transformation Essence
Feel a sense of awakening and rebirth. Experience a new dawn as you answer life's call. Rise up from the ashes and move forward to the next phase of life. Throwing of limitations and restrictions.
The Completion Essence
Feel centred, energised and whole. Experience a sense of stability and contentment. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. A sense of completion and successful closure.
The Faith Essence
Trust in the Universe, embrace beginnings with joy and optimism. True inner freedom. Not caring what others think. Experiencing no fear of the future or the unknown.


The twelve FIRST LIGHT NEW BEGINNINGS essences are made from the SEEDS of native plants.
Each SEED essence contains a specific energetic blueprint that helps to restore the primary patterns and principles of living in peace and harmony.
Use to overcome inertia, to forgive, move on and make a fresh start.
Use for core re-patterning and to move through blocks.
Use to catalyse personal development and hasten spiritual progress.
They also work to heal and release hereditary and ancestral issues.
Keywords for SEEDS - THE NEW BEGINNINGS SET: No's 51-62
Use when seeking to create new life foundations or structures. Works to restore the principles of right living.
Nikau Palm
To establish and implement improved personal emotional behaviour patterns. Helps restore the principle of right action.
To establish and implement improved powerful life patterns. Releases conditioning. Helps restore the right use of power.
To create new personal life blueprints for improved relationship patterns. Right human relationships. Works to restore the principle of right relationship. To release relationship conditioning.
Use to create new personal life patterns of communicating with integrity. Works to restore the principle of right speech.
Use to create new life patterns for the principled use of one's mind-power and intuitive faculties. Works to restore the principle of right thought. Helps release mental conditioning.
Cabbage Tree
Use when seeking to create a new life pattern of attunement to the power of Spirit in the life. Helps one interpret life's experience clearly. Works to restore the principle of awareness.
Works to restore the will-to-live a transformed life through conscious spiritual awareness. Personal rebirth through restoring harmony. The restoration of hope and resurrection of a higher way of living life.
Star Lily
Universal Love essence
Blesses the chalice of our being with Divine wisdom and unconditional love. Emanate radiant light and compassionate wisdom. Awaken to the all-encompassing beauty of the unity of all life.
Dragon leaf
The Good-will essence
Emphasises the divine potential residing within. Salutes our evolving nature and acknowledges the limitless power of the inner spirit. Floods the chalice of our being with Divine light and good-will.
Mount Cook Lily
The Divine Feminine essence
Honours the expression of feminine energy. Helps release conditioning around the feminine. Setting a course to peace - the Great Mother energy.
The Divine Masculine energy
Benevolence. Honours the expression of masculine energy. Helps release conditioning around the masculine. Realising you are a divine being. Living consciously.


The seven FIRST LIGHT PERSONAL POWER essences are made from native trees - the lords of the forests of Aotearoa.
The seven TREE essences are chakra specific and have a regulating, protective, screening action and function.
Use daily to assist you to restore chakra integrity.
To stand strong, balanced and protected- and to remain personallyempowered in an increasingly challenging world.
Keywords for TREES - THE PERSONAL POWER SET: No's 44-50
Base chakra essence
Helps establish a sense of security, personal foundation, structure, effectiveness and connectedness with physicality. Feeling supported, knowing one's needs will be met
Sacral chakra essence
Enhances one's capacity for fulfilling positive emotional, sexual and sensual experience. Emotional fluidity. Strengthens the capacity to enter into healthy balanced strong relationships.
Solar Plexus chakra
Helps one draw desired experiences into the life. Regulates the emotions. Helps access and release past experiences. Establishes and maintains a positive self-image and sense of self-worth. A sense of personal empowerment.
Heart chakra essence
Use for strengthening and enhancing a loved based heart-felt connection with all of life. Brings inner beauty and healing through accepting and understanding difficulties or suffering.
Throat chakra essence
Honesty. Creativity. Able to express one-self with clear purposeful intent. Speaking one's truth, able to hear the truth. Using one's voice to clearly express one's needs.
Brow chakra essence
Intuitive wisdom and higher psychic abilities. The ability to receive images in the minds eye and have a personal vision. Being open to wisdom from within to take advantage of life's opportunities.
Crown chakra essence
Use for strengthening and enhancing the connection to one's life purpose. A sense of direction and fulfilment. Clarity around one's life-path. Focus in everyday life.


Keywords for FERNS - THE LIFE TRAUMA SET: No's 37-43
King Fern
Survival trauma
For security threatening or life-challenging situations, redundancy, job loss, being unwanted, adoption, war crime, abuse, accidents, in utero trauma, incubator/premature babies.
Rasp Fern
Emotional/sexual trauma
For emotionally traumatic situations. For exposure to volatile/emotionally explosive situations that transgress personal boundaries. For abortion, sexual violation, harassment.
Shaking Brake Fern
Disempowerment trauma
For disempowering situations. For victims of harsh treatment, unjust punishments, childhood injustices. For after-effects of viewing traumatic activities/images. Fear of retribution, not conforming to expectation.
Silver Fern
Heart felt trauma
For painful relationship issues, often associated with the abuse/betrayal of love or a trust-based relationship. Grief, heart-break or loss. A fear of rejection.
Feather Fern
Humiliation trauma
For humiliating situations. Guilt. For exposure to disrespect, verbal abuse, argumentative environments, repeated criticism, accompanied by anger, frightening verbal threats.
Star Fern
Reality trauma
For situations where you aren't believed or your personal reality is invalidated. Living in a war zone, fighting, experiencing unsupportive hostile surroundings. A fear of ridicule.
Plumed Maidenhair Fern
Spiritual trauma
For situations that deny freedom of direction, thought, spiritual or religious autonomy. Having one's belief system imposed upon or unduly influenced by others.

21st Century Living

Specially formulated for 21st century living
Blended from native flowers pristine landscape.
Dosage: 2 drops directly under tongue or in water 3 times a day
Life management essences
Aura Support - Moving beyond Trauma
Aura support and maintenance. Helps clear auric congestion, restore energetic integrity and clear cellular memory. For daily aura impactation, dis-ease, emotional pain, chronic ill-health.
Contains: King Fern, Rasp Fern, Shaking Brake Fern, Silver Fern, Prince of Wales Feathers Fern, Star Fern, Plumed Maidenhair Fern
Chakra Support - Stabilise and Balance
Chakra support and maintenance. For stability, inner strength. Strengthens and protects the seven chakras. Balances, harmonises, energises, aligns.
Contains: Kahikatea, Matai, Totara, Kauri, Maire, Miro, Rimu
Confidence Support - Self-Empowerment
Helps restore self-confidence, self-assurance and self-esteem. Projecting oneself positively. For new or unfamiliar situations. For all situations; work, school, public speaking, interviews.
Contains: Pohutukawa, Native Flax, Cook Strait Groundsel, Karamu, Rangiora, Tawa, Sun Orchid
Crisis Support - Nature to the Rescue
All purpose copeability formula for the whole family, including pets. For times of distress, upset, panic, anxiety, emergency, crisis, shock. For fear, nerves, arguments, bad news, everyday situations, travel anxieties, stress or strain, nerves, dentist.
Contains: Includes Clematis, Akeake, Kawaka.
De-Stress Support - Inner Peace and Calm.
Enhances poise and tranquility. Grounding and reconnecting. Use when feeling out of touch with your own centre or over stimulated by external stimuli. For excess mental activity or when stressed, distracted, overcharged, wound up, strung out.
Contains: Coastal Convolvulus, Coastal Lobelia, Golden Corokia, Silver Beech, Titoki, Marsh Ribbonwood, Daphne.
De-Tox Support - Purify and Release
Emotional spring clean. Release old negative mental or emotional baggage. Supports the release of old habits and the elimination of outworn, outgrown non-regenerative patterns.
Contains: Small White Rata, Manuka, Whau, Clematis, Akeake, Giant Flowered Broom, Poor Knights Lily, Pouch Flower
Exam and Study Support - Focus and Recall
Calm clear mind. Assists mental focus and memory recall. Helps with problem solving. For accessing right and left brain function. Enhances capacity to absorb ideas and information.
Contains: Mountain Parahebe, Matata, Koru, Kowhai, Karo, Karaka, Koromiko, Coastal Lobelia
Executive Support - Clarity and Concentration
Decisiveness. Leadership, responsibility, authority, dynamism, focus and clarity. Helps concentration, mental discipline and presence of mind. Helps when mentally exhausted, fatigued, under pressure or stress.
Contains: Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not, Mairehau, Ngaio, Karamu, Rangiora, Coastal Lobelia, Tawa.
Feminine Support - Embracing the Feminine
For the changes associated with childbirth, pregnancy, birth, menopause, marriage, menarche, motherhood, parenthood, hormonal shifts, mood swings.
Contains: Shining Spleenwort, Tree Fuchsia, Mt Cook Lily, Golden Corokia, Whau, Spring Orchid, Makamaka
Hearts Ease Support - Heart and Soul
Emotional comfort and support. Uplifts, soothes, nurtures. Feeling safe and connected. For times of anxiety, worry, emotional strain, intensity. For feelings of loss, grief, uncertainty, despair. Use when feeling uncertain, isolated, alone or unsupported.
Contains: Silver Fern, Kauri, Houpara, Mt. Cook Lily, Tree Fuchsia, Puriri, Hen and Chicken’s Fern, Pohuehue
Immunity Support - Optimise Well-being
Helps restore the master patterns for energetic integrity and holistic well-being. Helps break bad habits, deal with hereditary issues, move through blocks. Use for negative patterns or self-sabotage and to re-pattern and re-program at a core level.
Contains: Broadleaf, Nikau Palm, Wharangi, Houpara, Hangehange, Inkberry, Cabbage Tree
Life Changes Support - Life in Transition
Smooth transitions. Letting go and moving on. Emotional connection. Welcoming in, embracing, bonding with the new. For all new beginnings. For life, family, relationship, schooling, career, health changes. Moving house, birth, separation, divorce.
Contains: Kowhai, Bracken Fern, Golden Tainui, Golden Corokia, Wheki Ponga, Spring Orchid, Maikaika Orchid
Sensual Support - Love and Intimacy
Emotional and physical intimacy. Enjoyment of passion, sensual fulfilment. Supports ease of emotional expression. Embracing relationship. Comfortable with one’s appearance and body image. Healthy acceptance of sexuality/sensuality.
Contains: Tree Fuchsia, Mahoe, Makamaka, Elf’s Hood Orchid, Tarata, Mangrove, Southern Lady Fern
Sleep Support - Sweet Dreams
Calms, relaxes and soothes. Use for worry, mental restlessness or over activity. Helps with the tension or stress often associated with lack of sleep or disturbed sleep patterns.
Contains: Golden Corokia, Clematis, Raglan Roseberry, Kakabeak, Black Mamaku, Rose’s Waireka, Hard Alpine Fern, Pouch Flower.
Travel Support - Refresh and Revive
Beneficial for the distress associated with all types of travel. Helps restore equilibrium. Refreshing, re-energising, re-integrating. Especially suitable for those who experience difficulty with the specific discombobulating effects of air travel.
Contains: Bracken Fern, Shining Spleenwort, Kowhai, Kakabeak, Silver Pine, Kawaka, Tree of Life Orchid, Spring Orchid
Weight Loss Support - Natural Weight Management
Enhances willpower. Supports positive behavioural changes. Useful for strengthening resolve. For moving beyond old emotionally based eating patterns, cravings or imbalances.
Contains: Whau, Akeake, Hen & Chicken’s Fern, Bracken Fern, Rangiora, Makamaka, Tree Nettle, Slender Sun Orchid
White Light Support - Energetic Protection
Creates safe sacred space. Use to shine your light or project a light shield. Helps clear spaces of discord or tension. For negative mental, emotional, psychic atmospheres or energies.
Contains: Clematis, Akeake, Fragrant Fern, Kawakawa, Red Matipo, Tree of Life Orchid, Sun Orchid, Spring Orchid